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Latest trends in formals

Latest trends in formals

The holiday season is here, and with it come great deals on formal apparel. There are many options to choose from and limited time in which to avail these discounts. Many online shops are offering deep discounts, but customers must choose quality over price. This is because a high-quality shirt lasts much longer than multiple poor-quality ones.

The investment is well worth it, and these formal apparels tend to be more fashionable overall. That’s the trend these days, to have more fashionable apparel at the workplace. It helps employees stand-out and send a message without saying a word.

What are some of the other trends in formal wear?

Cuffed shirts & trousers

The cuffed revolution started from the traditional formal wear of the 30s and 40s in the US. The fashion has since evolved into becoming a timeless classic. Formal wear is becoming increasingly sophisticated with the help of cuffed shirts and trousers. You can rock a classic chequered print on a dull grey set of pants and make them come alive with a cuffed finish. It’s a designer’s dream to see all employees make their formal wear more engaging. The look is perfect for creative people and those that are client-facing in their daily operations. 

Patterned shirts & micro-designs

Going to any classic custom-shirt outlet will show you the wide range in standard designs. However, scrolling through the patterned section will truly show you the range in options we have right now. In formal wear, there are various micro-designs and patterns that are changing the way we think about fashion. The older generation is conforming to traditional designs, while the newer ambitious generation is opting for patterns and designs that help them express themselves.

More men opting for slim fit

With our generation taking better care of their health, more brands are offering slim fit versions. These clothes fit better on the body and are softer to touch. They allow the man to have a comfortable fit without looking too baggy or out of shape. The slim fit shirt also creates a more aesthetical look as the formal wear is complemented with a dark suit and coloured tie. The slim fit allows more flexibility, as you can wear it to the nightclub as well as the boardroom.

More power to Pink

 Pink is emerging as the clear winner in the latest trends in formals colours. Pink, coupled with white and gold, has become a nice addition to the modern man’s wardrobe. When there are many colours and prints available, pink breaks the monotony and offers something different. It’s the perfect colour for a standalone shirt, as well as a base for a funky pattern. Men can also wear it as a fashion statement, by pairing it with some classic dress trousers.

Embroidering monograms

Many shops are offering embroidered and customized shirts and trousers. This adds an extra bit of charm to everything you’re wearing, including any accessories that you may own. Owners can now invest in quality shirts and have their own personalization attached to that item. This is the perfect gift for someone that has it all. Monograms and emblems are a cool way of owing a classic shirt. 


  • November 28, 2018
  • Piyush Shah